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One Little Lost Lamb   

(   Written By Unknown. )                                                                                                                                               1
On that resection morning, when the redeemed are gathering in, I'll be in that royal number when they call my name, when they all join in and sing, hallelujah to the king, I'll cry with a joyful sound lord hear I am.

Hear I am, hear i am, I'm the one the shepherd left the fold and found, there were ninety an nine but he left the fold to find, one little lost lamb and hear I am
When o Gabriel blows his trumpet, and we rise up in the air, in less time than a split second, we'll be changed from here to there, where there'll be no grief nor pain, perfect peace and joy shall reign, home at last I shall proclaim lord, hear I am.

      (  repeat chorus then_

One little lost lamb, and hear I am. )