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Shine A Light On Your Brother

Memories of our Father

We Dedicate this tape to the memory of our father who left us three years ago. He new all the time that he had to go. His home now is in heaven and his illness is no more. He is resting with the father on Heavens bright shore. When he left we lost a dear friend. He wanted us all with him, right down to the end. If you read this and your father is still here love and appreciate him more every year. cause when he is gone, there's no more time and all you will have left Are memories in your mind.

By: Jimmy E. Justice

Click on the song below to view the lyrics.

Side One ----- --------------- Side Two

1.)Shine A Light On Your Brother ---------1.)I Just Want To Thank You Lord

2.)The God Of Abraham--------------------2.)Here Me When I Pray

3.)So Much To Thank Him For -----------3.)The Man

4.)A Crown Of Thorns----------------------4.)I'm So Glad

5.)He's Sending A Miracle-------------------5.)One Little Lamb

6.)Let Me Lift My Hand---------------------6.)Come Go With Me


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