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              God Of Abraham    

( wrote by Diana Riley )

They through old Daniel in the lion's den but he did not fear the hand of men, for he knew the god of Abraham would carry him through, they through Paul and Silas both in jail, but  they needed no man to go their bail, for the god of Abraham delivered them too.

When he fiery darts come your way, my child don't turn don't  look away, for the god of Abraham he's your god too, no mater what they do or say, my child you'll see a brighter day, for the same god that delivered them, he will deliver you.

 When the children of Israel marched around the town, they knew the walls of Jericho would come down, for the god of Abraham told them what to do, no matter what trials or battle they faced, the children of Israel could not loose faith, for the god of Abraham the battle he could not loose

( repeat chorus then

he will deliver you. )